Webinars and Video Presentations​

Harm Reduction services for women who use drugs, Aura Roig Forteza, 2019

Peer driven approach, Tessa Windelinckx, 2019

Presentation on nasal naloxone, Mariebeth Kilbride, 2019

Drug checking from the government supported institution perspective, Dr. Laura Smit-Rigter, 2019

The drug consumption rooms worldwide with focus on Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Cedric Chavet, 2019

Webinar “Alternatives to Coercive sanction”

Webinar “Decriminalization, depenalization, legalization – what does it all mean in practice”

Webinar “The rights of people who use drugs, or the right to use drugs what do the international law and common sense tell us”

Webinar “International drug policy the preparation to the HLM on Drugs”