VOTE in the General Meeting of EHRA members

Dear EHRA members,

On 11-24 May, 2020 Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) conducts the General Meeting of its members. During the fortnight, members of EHRA will have online-voting for the following issues:

1. Approval of EHRA strategy for 2020-2024;

2. Approval of EHRA financial report for 2019 year;

3. Approval of the changes in EHRA Statute:

3.1. Approval of the change of mission, Art. 1 of EHRA Statute;

3.2. Approval of the change of admission of new members to EHRA Art. 14 (c) of EHRA Statute;

3.3. Approval of the amendment of Art. 20 (Termination of membership) of EHRA Statute with part 5 on procedure of revision of membership;

3.4. Approval of the change of Art. 53 of EHRA Statute on number of experts in the Oversight Advisory Board.

4. Approval of EHRA Advisory Board candidates.


  • All members (individual and organizational), who are approved by the Steering Committee, can participate in the General Meeting. The list of members eligible for voting you can find on EHRA website: or by contacting via e-mail:
  • One member shall be entitled to one vote in a General meeting of members.
  • Supporting members do not have a voting right in the General Meeting.

Details on the voting procedure and participation can be clarified by contacting Eliza Kurcevic via e-mail: