Terms of reference for the external consultant Facilitator of EHRA 2020-2024 Strategy development

Context information

Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) – is a non-for-profit public membership-based organization, registered in March 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania, by the initiative of harm reduction activists and organizations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) continues traditions of regional harm reduction activists’ network since 1997.

We strive for a creation of a favorable environment for the delivery of sustainable harm reduction programs and decent lives of people who use drugs in the CEECA region. EHRA is keen to achieve 4 strategic objectives in 2018-2019 in accordance to the Strategical framework 2018-2019:

  • Ensuring sustainability and efficiency of harm reduction services in the CEECA region;
  • Advocating for non-punitive drug policies in the CEECA region based on public health and human rights;
  • Developing leadership and expertise of civil society and people who use drugs in the monitoring of drug policies, financing, access and quality of harm reduction services in the CEECA region;
  • Strengthening organizational governance and operational systems, program efficiency and financial sustainability of EHRA.

EHRA now unites 251 organizational and individual members for advocacy actions on regional and national level from 29 countries in 7 sub-regions of the CEECA: Baltics, Central Europe, South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia. EHRA has a transparent, open and participatory-based governance structure which is regulated by EHRA Articles of Association. Organization is led by the elected Steering Committee and overseen by the Treasurer and the international Advisory Board. EHRA is acting as a strategic partner and fiduciary agent of the Eurasian Network of People Who Use Drugs (ENPUD).

Consultancy task and expected results

EHRA is searching for a consultant to help with the development and drafting of new Strategy for 2020-2024.  

Specific objectives of the consultancy are the following:

  1. To prepare and facilitate face-to-face Steering Committee meeting on Strategy development which needs to help the participants to:
    1. Revisit mission and vision of EHRA if needed;
    2. Review the results of EHRA Strategical framework 2018-2019;
    3. Conduct SWOT/TOWS analysis to evaluate EHRA (any other analysis methodology can be proposed);
    4. Define key strategic objectives and objectives indicators for the new strategy 2020-2024.

Meeting expected results:

  • Understanding of strengths/weaknesses/threats/opportunities of EHRA by all SC members;
  • Understanding of key achieved results, role of EHRA and expectations from members, regional experts/partners/stakeholders collected during preparation to the meeting by EHRA Steering Committee and Secretariat team;
  • Outline the strategic objectives for Strategy 2020-2024 and their indicators.
  1. To develop the first draft strategy outline and infographic (with the vision of key SMART indicators, risks and options/approaches for Association effective work).
  2. To review the draft Strategy outline in line with the comments and suggestions received in the consultation process with EHRA Advisory Board, members and key partners.
  3. To finalize the Strategy outline.

Stages of work and proposed timeline

Objectives Detailed description Timeline
1.      Prepare and facilitate  face-to-face Steering Committee  meeting on Strategy development Key objectives of the meeting in Vilnius:

-          Review the results of EHRA Strategical framework 2018-2019 -          Conduct SWAT analysis of EHRA

-          Define key strategic objectives and indicators

9-10th of July , 2019
2.      Develop the first draft of the strategy outline and suggested infographic First draft based on the Strategic meeting outcomes with the vision of key SMART indicators, risks and options/approaches for Association effective work.   July-August, 2019  
3.      Review the draft Strategy outline in line with the comments and suggestions received in the consultation process with EHRA Advisory Board, members and key partners. Collection of comments and suggestions to the organizational Strategy from consultation process with EHRA Advisory Board, members and key partners, revision of the Strategy draft. September- October, 2019
4.      Finalize the Strategy outline Finalization of the Strategy. October, 2019

Requirement to the consultant

Submitted applications will be evaluated by a selection committee at the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association. To assess the tender applications, the following criteria will be used (the maximum possible amount of points is 100):

  • Rich and diverse experience in developing/building capacities of regional or global community networks – 20 points;
  • Excellent understanding of harm reduction, drug policy, HIV response and/or civil society involvement into advocacy and capacity building in social and public health issues – 15 points;
  • Excellent facilitation skills, experience in facilitating group work, brainstorm, organizing fruitful discussion in multicultural and multilanguage team – 20 points;
  • Experience of facilitating strategic planning process and development of Strategic documents for international/regional organizations – 15 points;
  • Fluent speaking and writing English. Russian is an asset – 10 points;
  • Reasonable cost of services – 10 points.

How to apply

The candidates are invited to submit their CVs, Letter of Interest and filled daily rate form (EHRA’s template) by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant for Strategy Development” to irena@harmreductioneurasia.org by 24:00 EET, 29 of April 2019. CVs and Letter of Interest should clearly reflect the competencies of the candidate required to complete this task and include proposed amount of working days, estimated cost of services and filled daily rate form in Euro (EHRA’s template).

General Conditions

The following should be noted by interested consultants:

  • EHRA will sign a contract with the winner of the competition where detailed workplan and payment conditions will be determined.
  • The winner of the competition is obliged to provide the confirmation of his daily rates before signing the contract. EHRA reserves the right to negotiate services cost for working days if it is not confirmed by previous records or is not affordable for EHRA.
  • EHRA reserves the right (but is not under obligation to do so) to enter into discussion with one or more bidders in order to obtain clarifications or additional details or negotiate the proposed cost.
  • EHRA reserves the right to negotiate number of working days related to each stage of work with the consultant. Final number of working days can change during implementation by mutual agreement between EHRA and consultant.

If you have any questions or clarifications in relation to these ToR, please feel free to contact Ganna Dovbakh anna@harmreductioneurasia.org no later than 27th April 2019.