Terms Of Reference For Development of “Chase the Virus, Not People!” National Campaigns

Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is looking for national partners (country consortia, NGOs, community organizations and initiative groups) to develop and implement the CHASE THE VIRUS, NOT PEOPLE! campaign at the national level in 3 countries of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

The assignment is implemented in the framework of the Eurasian Regional Consortium project “Thinking outside the box: overcoming challenges in community advocacy for sustainable and high-quality HIV services”, funded by the Robert Carr civil society Networks’ Fund.

Campaign was launched at AIDS2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in July 2018. The regional communities’ networks, who joined forces in the campaign represent key populations affected by HIV: people living with HIV, women living with HIV, youth and teenagers, affected by HIV, people who use drugs, sex workers, men who have sex with men, trans people. The campaign emphasized the common needs of all key population groups and focuses on overcoming the discrimination, stigmatization and criminalization of key populations as a key condition for an effective response to the HIV epidemic in EECA countries.

Aim of the campaign:

To strengthen the voice and influence of national activists at the national level in articulating their advocacy priorities and drawing the attention of target audiences to the problems of key populations in relation to the catastrophic HIV/AIDS epidemic in the EECA region, in particular the impact of stigma, discrimination and criminalization on effective response measures to HIV/AIDS epidemic and mortality reduction.



to develop and implement the national campaign under the slogan “Chase the virus, not people!” with specific advocacy objectives in the framework of the regional campaign.

EHRA is issuing 3 grants in 3 countries accordingly to the winners in the open competition (NGO, community organization or initiative groups).

AIM (sample, to be adjusted per country needs):

To strengthen partnerships between national key populations organizations and activists to draw attention of key steakholders and decision makers to the impact of stigma, discrimination and criminalization on effective response measures to HIV/AIDS epidemic and mortality reduction in the country

Grant sum – 2,000 Euro per country.

EHRA technical support – EHRA representative’s participation in development of the national campaign (country visit for 1-day mentorship session; on-line technical support to the national campaign organizer).

Terms of project realization – till the end of 2019.


  • Be registered in one of the countries of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region;
  • Work with/represent/provide services/advocate for the needs of key populations on the national level;
  • Share the aim and objectives of the regional campaign “Chase the virus, not people!”;
  • Describe the problem statement for advocacy within the national campaign;
  • Identify the goal of the national campaign;
  • Demostrate the previous experience in realization of advocacy/communication campaigns (if any).

To apply for the assignment the organization or individual has to submit to natalia@harmreductioneurasia.org till COB September 20, 2019 the following documents:

Description of the organizational experience to follow the above described requirements,

Letter of interest (not less than 500 words and not more than 1500 words),

Timeline of campaign development and implementation with the brief description of stages and terms.

The submitted applications will be evaluated by the selection committee of the Eurasian Regional Consortium. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the bids (the maximum possible number of points is 100):

  • Work experience with key populations (20);
  • Problem statement (20);
  • Clear and achievable goal of the campaign (30);
  • Realistic and clear timeline of the campaign (30).

Before submission of the application, please read carefully ToR for national partners.