Support. Don’t punish

What does SUPPORT mean to you? 

EHRA called everyone to be a part of international campaign Support. Don’t punish

Право каждого, Orenburg: 
#supportdontpunish #Правокаждого #АленаАсаева 
Campaign in Orenburg. Administration. Court. Parliament. Sun, positivity, unity, hope!


Support is … caring about different drug releated cases 
Support is … Community 
Support is … be honest
Support is …. going ahead together 
Support is ….Trust in justice
Support is …..when people understand you
Support is …. the LEGALIZE of cannabis! 
Support is FREEDOM

Association Harm Reduction Network and Ranar, Kyrgyzstan

The #EKHN Board joins the Support. Don’t punish movement. We focus on supporting harm reduction policies. For us, support is a team of promoting initiatives to respect the right to health and access to treatment for all who need it. #Supportdontpunish #Supportis. EKHN, Kazakhstan

Твой шанс

International support and development of OST in Belarus  – Твой шанс“, Belarus

Support is the improvement of psychoactive policies, which gives priority to public health and human rights, as well as to promoting drug policy reform and changing laws and policies that impede access to harm reduction activities. Kazakhstan. The photo exhibition “Orange Morning” as part of the #Supportdontpunish World Campaign

Support is to recognize the right of people to use the substances that they choose themselves and they will not be persecuted for this choice and subjected to repression. The slogan of the action in Kazakhstan is access to narcotic substances is a question of medicine. Kazakhstan. The photo exhibition “Orange Morning” as part of the World Campaign. #Supportdontpunish

Support is when each team member is unique and we have unity in the protection and care of each other. EHRA team