EHRA’s Secretariat is designed to address coordinated implementation of projects and programs and to accumulate experts’ knowledge for the purpose of EHRA’s activities. Its current structure allows effectively implement Strategic Framework 2018-2019 and perform large-scale projects activities, as well as to sub-grant regional, national and local civil society and community based organizations.

The Secretariat is staffed by employees and permanent advisors considered as a staff and operates in fully equipped office, based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Secretariat works under supervision of Executive Director and its organizational structure consists of 3 teams with clearly defined functions. Teams are working in constant mutual collaboration creating cross units to allow for the most efficient and effective way of projects implementation.

Advisors Team led by Executive Director brings to EHRA key content expertise on sustainability and transition to domestic funding, government relations, human rights and drug policy. The Team is responsible for:

  • developing programs on key strategic directions;
  • conducting high-level advocacy;
  • providing content-wise technical support to EHRA members and partners;
  • leading in research in their respective fields;
  • developing international partnership relations.

Program Team led by Program Team Lead is responsible for:

  • day-to-day operational management of the projects/programs;
  • sub-granting to national and local partners;
  • coordinating advocacy and technical support provision to members and partners;
  • producing informational materials;
  • conducting field level researches;
  • building community capacity.

Finance and Administration Team led by Finance and Administration Team Lead is responsible for:

  • organizing efficient processes of office operations, employment, financial management and financial reporting;
  • proper and accurate accounting;
  • insuring safety of operational documents.

Ganna Dovbakh

Executive Director


Ganna is originally from Ukraine and is known regional as a community mobilization trainer and expert. She also has extensive knowledge of health and social programs, in organizing capacity building systems, in social research, as well as in leadership support to civil society organizations and activists. In recent years, Ganna has worked intensively in advocating for sustainable funding of quality harm reduction services in the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) region. She holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Social Psychology as well as a MA in Culture Studies and has authored numerous publications concerning community system support.

Igor Gordon

Program Team Lead


Igor has over 14 years of experience in managing PLHIV, HIV services and harm reduction organizations at the national and international level. Key focus areas of Igor’s expertise include key populations, civil society and community engagement, as well as capacity building, and organizational and project management. Igor is responsible for the development and effective implementation of programs according to the strategic objectives of EHRA. He also plays an active role in the mobilization of harm reduction advocates, together with communities of people who use drugs, to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of harm reduction services and to advocate for non-punitive drug policies in the CEECA region based on public health approaches and the protection of human rights. Igor has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Social Work and a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Business Management. 

Maria Plotko

Senior Program Officer


Maria is a sociologist by training and is the program specialist in drug policy and human rights for EHRA. She has 7 years’ experience working with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), both in think-tanks and in organizations engaged in the education of, and in providing assistance to, representatives of socially unprotected groups. In her work, Maria combines her practical experience with current scientific approaches. 

Eliza Kurcevic

Program Manager


Eliza is responsible for the management and implementation of Association projects. She works on research, advocacy, and civil society capacity building. Eliza has experience in human rights, legal consultations in the field of harm reduction and drug policy, as well as in working with young people. She holds Master’s Degree in International Law and is fluent in Russian, English, Lithuanian and Polish.


Irena Zubkova

Technical Support and Events Officer


Irena is responsible for coordinating and organizing EHRA meetings, conferences, business trips and other events. Irena also administers the EHRA website. With administration experience, Irena covers program implementation activities related to the technical support of specific project objectives such as publications, small grants, preparation of agreements, and communication with partners.

Danguole Zapkuviene

Chief Accountant


Danguole is responsible for the control of financial resources, including the preparation and provision of financial statements for the organization as well as statistical and financial reporting using the policies and procedures established by the Association. Danguole is also responsible for the timely and accurate execution and submission of reports to the state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania. She has an accounting background and has been working in the sector since 1993. Danguole converses in Russian, English and Lithuanian. 

Viktorija Semionova

Senior Finance and Administration Officer 


Viktorija is responsible for the provision and organization of administrative assistance in the implementation of projects as well as for financial activities and the day-to-day work of the office, ensuring the orderly functioning of the Association. Viktorija has many years of professional management experience and has an accounting background; she is also fluent in Russian, English and Lithuanian. 

Jurgita Juozaityte

Senior Сommunications Officer 


Jurgita is responsible for the Communication and Public Relations at Eurasian Harm Reduction Association. Experience in the field of mental health, health and human rights, intersectoral cooperation lasts more than 20 years. Communication leads to understanding and taking common actions. Let’s make a change together!


Alena Shedel

Program Team Assistant


Alena is responsible for supporting projects` implementation, ensuring quality and results as well as for coordinating and organizing day-to-day programmatic administration activities of the EHRA program team and supporting program staff. She holds Master`s Degree from Minsk State Linguistic University (Diplom summa cum laude). In addition to Russian as mother tongue, she is fluent in English and German and has a sound knowledge of French.


Agne Mikulevic

Events and Administration Officer




Agne is responsible for organizing and coordinating EHRA meetings, conferences, and other events. She is working along with other team members in the implementation of projects. Agne holds master’s degree in International Events Management and Administration from Edinburgh Napier University and has extensive working experience in international events. Agne is fluent in Lithuanian, English and Russian.



Yevheniia Kanonchuk

Senior Program Officer


Yevheniia has more than seven years of management experience in organizations working in the field of expanding access to the rights of vulnerable groups of the population at the national and international levels. At this position, she is responsible for managing and implementing advocacy projects on the quality of harm reduction, drug policy, and human rights protection. Yevheniia has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in management.