REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS on selection of simultaneous Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian interpreters  


RFP Number EHRA-03-11
RFP Title External consultant. Simultaneous interpreters
RFP Closing Date and time: 23:59 EET on March 18, 2022
Proposal Submission Address:



Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is a non-for-profit public membership-based organization uniting harm reduction activists and organisations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) with its mission to actively unite and support communities and civil societies to ensure the rights and freedoms, health, and well-being of people who use psychoactive substances in the CEECA region.

More information about the Association and specifics of the work you can find on our website:

Objectives of the tender:

EHRA announces a tender for the selection of simultaneous interpreters from English into Russian and from Russian into English for long-term cooperation (remote online work). Based on the results of the tender, several simultaneous interpreters will be selected, with whom EHRA will sign long-term contracts.

Evaluation criteria:

Submitted applications will be evaluated by the evaluation panel of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association.

A two-stage procedure will be utilized in evaluating the proposals:

  • evaluation of the previous experience (portfolio) via technical criteria – 80% in total evaluation;
  • comparison of the costs (per-hour cost in EUR) – 20% in total evaluation.

Cost evaluation is only undertaken for technical submissions that score a minimum 80 points out of a maximum of 100 as a requirement to pass the technical evaluation. A proposal which fails to achieve the minimum technical threshold will not be considered further.

 To assess submitted applications, the following technical criteria will be used (80%) (maximum possible number of points is 100): Points
Simultaneous interpretation experience in public health and human rights, harm reduction, drug policy, response to the HIV epidemic (at least 1 year) 50
Academic background (degree in linguistics, philology, etc., special courses for interpreters, certificates, etc.) 50
Maximum possible number of points 100

Cost proposal (20%): EHRA will allocate same importance to the provided portfolio and recorded experience as to the cost of the services. The cost proposal will be evaluated in terms of best value-for money (per hour cost in EUR working remotely online). Kindly make sure to specify in euro the hourly cost of online simultaneous interpreting, as well as the rate for an 8-hour working day for live meetings.

How to apply

To be eligible as an EHRA consultant, any organization or individual must comply with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association Code of Ethics which you can find at the following link:

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. CV with relevant information in the field of simultaneous interpretation and education.
  2. Application (motivation letter) in free form, in which you must specify:

–  cost per hour in EUR of remote work online;

–  rate in EUR for an 8-hour working day for live meetings,

–  the subject matter in which you are working, taking into account the specifics of EHRA, especially highlighting services for UN agencies or the Global Fund, services to combat HIV, TB and malaria;

–  contact details of persons for whom you have provided interpretation services in the last 6 months (2-3 events).

Please submit your proposal to .

In the subject line of your e-mail please indicate the RFP number EHRA-01-03, the title “External consultant. Simultaneous interpreters” and your name. Otherwise, the application will not be considered.

ATTENTION. If these documents are not submitted in full, the participant will not be allowed to take part in the tender.

General terms

Interested consultants should pay attention to the following conditions:

  • This RFP shall not be interpreted as a contract or obligation of any kind. This invitation to tender does not in any way oblige EHRA to enter into contracts, nor does it oblige EHRA to pay any costs incurred in preparing and submitting applications.
  • Participants must confirm that the cost of the works specified in the application are valid for a period of at least 24 months from the date of the competition.
  • During the evaluation period, EHRA reserves the right to ask candidates to complete an additional task in the form of simultaneous interpretation.
  • Based on the results of the tender, a contract for the provision of services for a two-year period will be signed with the winners. The contract is not an employment contract. Payment of all taxes and social insurance is the responsibility of the contractor. Further work will be carried out in accordance with the request of EHRA, which will indicate the timing and other specific conditions.

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