Results of the EHRA’s General Meeting

On 6-20 May, 2019, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) conducted online General meeting of its members. Quorum for the General meeting needed – no less than one third of the members.

According to the Statute of EHRA, no less than 1/3 (33,33%) of members shall participate in the General meeting, which means that at least 83 members should participate in the voting procedure. 104 participants took part in the online General meeting of EHRA members. 102 individual and organizational members’ votes are considered eligible for voting in the online General meeting. 2 votes were not counted as valid, because they didn’t have a right to vote in the EHRA online General meeting (not official representatives of the organizations). Thus, quorum was reached, as 40,96% of members participated in the General meeting.

As a result, the online General meeting approved two announced EHRA issues:

  1. Approval of EHRA financial report for 2018 year (Confirmed – 98; didn’t confirm – 0; abstained – 4);
  2. Approval of the new candidates to EHRA Advisory Board (Confirmed – 98; didn’t confirm – 0; abstained – 4).