Announcement of EHRA members online Regional meetings to elect Steering Committee members

Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) (Eurazijos žalos mažinimo asociacija), registered at Gedimino pr. 45-4, Vilnius 01109, Lithuania (actual address Verkių g. 34B-701, Vilnius) announces the convocation of the members regional meetings to elect Steering Committee members from the following regions: South-Eastern Europe and Russia.

List of all current Steering Committee members.

A list of Steering Committee members subject to rotation, is as follows:

  1. Samir Ibisevic (South-Eastern Europe);
  2. Maksim Malyshev (Russia).

Schedule of elections:

  • From 19 April to 16 May, 2021– nomination process (4 weeks). Candidates are submitting their applications to participate in the Steering Committee elections
  • From 24 Мay to 6 June, 2021– online voting to elect Steering Committee members in the South-Eastern Europe and Russia regions
  • 7 June, 2021– announcement of the results.

We are inviting all EHRA members from the above-mentioned regions to submit applications to become a member of the Steering Committee until 16th May, 2021. Candidates’ applications are filled in online:

The requirements for the candidates are: 

  1. be a member of EHRA;
  2. demonstrate readiness and ability to work responsibly and actively as a Steering Committee member;
  3. follow the principles listed in the Association Steering Committee Regulations;
  4. to reside within a region participating in the current elections;
  5. to avoid a potential conflict of interests, candidates cannot be representatives of Association’s donor organizations.

ATTENTION! According EHRA Regulations, a country represented in a particular region may have only one representative in the Steering Committee who is elected in the Regional Meeting. Therefore, EHRA Members from Serbia cannot submit their candidacies, as one of the EHRA Steering Committee members is from Serbia.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate Secretary of the Regional meetings Eliza Kurcevic, by e-mail: