United Nations Population Fund Grant

The purpose of the Grant is to strengthen the capacity of EHRA, for below identified areas:

  1. Assessment of models and approaches used in OST service provision in the process of its transitioning from the Global Fund to domestic funding in EECA region by (1) developing and promoting of OST specific version of the Transition Readiness Assessment Tool (TRAT) and (2) developing tools to conduct regular monitoring of access and quality of services.
  2. Capacity building of EHRA to better advocate for human rights violations among women using drugs and OST programs in EECA. The activity ensures EHRA’s participation in the thematic meetings to advocate for issues of women using drugs being included into the Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights recommendations to countries. 
  3. Support of EHRA governance and sustainability systems through working meeting to finalize current fundraising approaches and to prepare for the organizational strategic planning process for 2019.

Countries covered by project:  Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Project timeline: January 2019 – March 2019

Overall budget: 13.870 EURO

Project donor:  United Nations Population Fund