Support to Coordination of the Campaign “Chase the Virus, not People!”

EECA Regional Campaign “Chase the virus, not people!”, organized by regional key populations networks and launched at AIDS2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in July 2018, emphasizes the common needs of all key population groups and focuses on overcoming the discrimination, stigmatization and criminalization of key populations as a key condition for an effective response to the HIV epidemic in EECA countries.

The first time ever in the history of the fight with HIV all regional networks, all communities have joined forces in one campaign, united by same aim and goals, one unified slogan and ready to stand and speak out loud together, defending the rights of each community, of all and everyone.

  • The project aims to support management of the campaign to ensure the engagement of all regional networks – organisers of the campaign – into the decision making on strategic planning of the campaign and further development;
  • Support to the campaign website and campaign pages on social media;
  • Mentorship of national teams developing campaigns at country level, and regional community teams developing specific community campaigns at the EECA level.
  • Тhe project supported the campaign website with 1,711 visitors;
  • number of campaign supporters grew to 102 organisations from across the EECA;
  • campaign conducted online and offline through mobilisation action on “Zero Discrimination Day” with 3,309 contacts and 47 posts on social media. Within the Zero Discrimination Day action, the contest on best video and photo of activists and community representatives from across EECA was conducted with 5 winners identified and awarded with campaign promotional materials;
  • the campaign has around 1,000 followers on its pages on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram;
  • The Campaign Coordinator from EHRA participated as a trainer in the training for MSM and trans people from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and North Macedonia, organized by ECOM, on adapting the campaign to the needs of MSM and trans people communities, as well as the national context of each country.

Countries covered by project: EECA region

Project timeline: April 2019 – November 2020

Overall budget: 15 000 EUR

Project donor: AFEW International


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