EECA: Evaluation of Sustainable OST Transition in Eastern European Countries

Brief project description:

EHRA has received technical support to activities complimentary to the EECA multicountry project “Sustainability of services for key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, implemented by the International Charitable Foundation «Alliance for Public Health», financed by the Global Fund, where EHRA is contracted as sub-sub recipient by sub-recipient Charitable Organization «All-Ukrainian network of people living with HIV/AIDS» (CO «100% Life»). Technical support is provided for the following activities:

Under Objective 1 “Improve the financial sustainability and allocative efficiency of HIV programmes” EHRA provides technical support to civil society and community of people who use drugs in transitioning EECA countries to assess the impact of the Global Fund transition-related processes taking place in countries on the quality and other aspects of sustainability of OST services, which intends conduction of monitoring of transition plans implementation;

Under Objective 2 “To alleviate the most important human rights and gender barriers for access to HIV prevention and care service” EHRA collects human rights violation cases in selected EECA countries, submits reports to the UN treaty bodies, and conducts activities, aimed at raising capacity building of communities, NGOs and human rights activists in addressing human rights violations in EECA countries.

Expected products:

  • Assessment of the sustainability of the programmatic aspects of OST services under transition in 3 countries (Belarus, Moldova and Tajikistan) and reports on the results of the assessments;
  • Development of the agenda and background materials and the facilitation of the regional workshop for 25 activists and professionals from South East Europe countries on gathering data on human rights violations and on reaction mechanism (co-funded by the Global Fund multicountry grant);
  • 2 cases on human rights violations faced by people who use drugs submitted to the international human rights treaty bodies (Ukraine and Belarus).

Countries covered by project:  Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine. 

Project timeline: November 2019 – 15 April 2020

Overall budget: 40 365 USD

Project donor:  UNAIDS Technical Support Mechanism (TSM)