Greater Engagement of PUD community from CEECA region into the AIDS 2018 conference.

Regional “Chase the Virus not People!” campaign brought together 9 regional networks representing all key affected populations to attract attention to the catastrophic impact of criminalization on resourcing HIV programs for key populations. Developed collaboratively in a consultative process, it has equipped communities with campaigning tools and skills, and set an important example of a cross-movement effort, particularly in EECA, where most advocacy initiatives are divided along issue/identity.

During the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) campaign activities delivered at the opening ceremony, the Global Village, in plenary sessions where speakers from EECA presented, they promoted campaign from the stage, Fire Ceremony and CSOs joint action against violence in Philippines. EECA delegates have rallied on streets of Amsterdam in solidarity with international community against discrimination.

  • 500 community and NGO representatives from EECA took an active part in the campaign actions during AIDS2018;
  • Over 50 events conducted in the EECA Networking Zone with more than 120 speakers;
  • 13,500 AIDS2018 participants visited the EECA Communities Networking Zone in the Global Village, and 1,500 from them took an active part in the Networking Zone events;
  • 2000 campaign hashtag mentions in media;
  • Overall campaign’s recognition by international partners, community and experts, including the Global Fund, the Netherlands Government, IAS, WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNDP and others;
  • EHRA was actively involved in 25 different sessions and events highlighting harm reduction challenges, drug policy issues and promoting human rights of PWUD in CEECA region.

Review Board Panel initiated by EHRA, AFEW International and Youth Force Amsterdam provided assistance to young researchers, community-based organizations, activists, clinicians and young people to increase the quality of abstracts submitted by them to the AIDS2018 program. 97 draft abstracts were submitted for mentor support. 30 abstracts drafted in Russian were translated into English.

EHRA and AFEW International awarded additional support to community representatives from EECA to cover their conference related costs. Out of 70 applications submitted, 10 from Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan were selected to cover conference related costs.

Scientific publication with community involvement titled “Study of human rights violations faced by women who use drugs in Estonia” was developed and published at Harm Reduction Journal:

To mobilize and build the capacity of CEECA community of PWUD for advocacy of effective, evidence-based and rights-based HV/AIDS policies, interventions and resources, and for the community of PWID to have a vocal voice in the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018).


  • CEECA community of PWUD is mobilized and equipped with necessary instruments for advocacy of effective, evidence-based and right -based HIV policies, harm reduction programs and their sustainability;

CEECA community organizations are visible in their advocacy efforts both in their on-going activities in countries and in the region in preparation to AIDS2018 and at the event itself, the voice of CEECA community organizations with advocacy messages is heard at AIDS2018.

Countries covered by project: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Project timeline: July 2017 – October 2018

Overall budget: 74 338 EUR

Project donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through AFEW International

Project status: Completed