Narcofeminism: Our stance

  • We support the regulation of all psychoactive substances and the free choice of lifestyle for women.
  • We support a drug policy based on fulfillment of human rights, on scientific evidence and on positive attitude towards the private life of every woman in society.


 “Mommy needs a joint” should be just as socially acceptable as “mommy needs a glass of wine”.

Regulation means growing weed for yourself at home and being able to give a leaf to daughter or son for the school herbarium.

Regulation means that a woman who needs help to receive a dose of medical heroin at the clinic, is met by respectful and professional doctors.

 The 60-year strategy of the war on drugs has now become a policy that legalizes murder and other egregious violations of the rights of people who use drugs. For all of us, men and women, trans and gender non-conforming people, violence, humiliation, stereotypes and stigma bring pain and suffering that affect our self-esteem and, consequently, our actions. Some advanced and forward-thinking countries however began to change their approaches to regulation of substances thirty years ago: Portugal, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA (Federal laws). Countries in our region, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, still maintain wildly repressive drug policies, with officials, police and criminal structures holding on to power and influence. More than 80% of women imprisoned worldwide serve sentences for “crimes” related to the use of illegal substances[1].  Women suffer humiliation and are afraid to ask for support, because instead of helping, social services can take away their children. Journalists and doctors can make life unbearable – by disclosing to neighbors and local police when women seek support and use psychoactive substances.

Change starts with us accepting the value of every woman’s life and the real help and support we can offer each other.

  • We – Narcofeminists – support the ideology of FEMINISM, intersectional feminism in particular, which focuses on the intersection of different female identities and tries to look at how women[2] with different experiences face discrimination.

 Principles of Narcofeminists:

  • Our safety and peace of mind are above all
  • Our movement is about taking care of each other: sharing resources and opportunities to improve our mood, health and prosperity

Values of Narcofeminists:

We don’t need matriarchy. And it hurts us to live in the patriarchy. Our world is where a woman is free to fulfill her potential.


Let’s keep it simple by bringing into each women’s life freedom, happiness, welfare, health, dignity – here and now.

[1] IDPC Shadow Report Http://

[2] and others, including trans and gender non-conforming people