# Narcofeminists   

Meet us – the #Narcofeminist  movement.

Leaders of the Movement

Katya Panitseva, Estonia

It seems that everything is here. Work, friends, love. There’s even more than enough health for all this. But the main thing is missing. The right to be myself in our society.

“-Tired of blaming myself for everything again, and only when I close my eyes …”

I’m glad that today I can openly speak about myself and my stance as a Narcofeminist.

Oksana Ibragimova, Kazakhstan

 “I believe that our movement and energy will give strength and inspiration to women to fight for humane drug policy, for equality and freedom, for safety and spiritual comfort of each of us.”

Larysa Soloveva, Germany

 “I believe, that women will make this word more humane and kinder, that invasions of privacy, repressive drug policies and cruel attitudes of society will remain in the past.

Svitlana Moroz, Ukraine
Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS

“By participating in international women’s forums and shadow report preparation processes at the CEDAW committee, I realized that women who use drugs remain outside the board of feminist movements and feminist agenda. I want it to be different. Our rights, our lives should not have less value. We have something to say, we have a lot  of knowledge and we, inevitably, will be developing”

Alla Bessonova, Kyrgyzstan

Girls and narcofeminism gave me the opportunity to understand how it is, not to be afraid. To be free. Be yourself.

Anna Garkusha, Ukraine

Narcofeminism is a movement towards civilization. An approach based on human rights. The only way to prosperity. When we are together, we are in another world, in the world of acceptance, freedom and respect for each other. It is valuable to me. And every woman should have this value.

I want the world to learn how to properly handle substances, and women have the right to choose. Narcofeminism is not an accidental phenomenon, it is progress that will inevitably develop in the direction of freedom, equality and acceptance. And we are approaching this time – an equal world without stigma, discrimination and rejection.

Inspiring people and fellow travelers – The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID):

Inna Michaeli
Building Feminist Economies Manager

Meeting women active on drug policy is a true gift, which continues expanding my consciousness and my heart. I believe we have many exciting feminist journeys together ahead of us, towards a world free of stigma, violence and oppression. I hope feminists everywhere will become strong advocates for decriminalization and harm reduction. Our bodily autonomy and our freedom to live our life without societal sanctions, is a matter of each and every one of us.




Fenya Fischler 

Co-Creating Feminist Realities Coordinator at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). 

Drug policy is rarely been seen as a feminist issue and the voices and experiences of women, trans and gender non-conforming people who use drugs have not often been heard. As a feminist, I believe we must listen to women who use drugs and stand for solutions they want such as harm reduction that challenge systems of oppression and stigma. All people are entitled to responses centred on care, compassion and individual autonomy.

Like feminism, harm reduction is a philosophy that encourages us to do away with the false distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ women. Read about this topic in article “Why drug policy is a feminist issue” written by Fenya Fisher, November, 2018.

Masha Plotko

Olya Belyayeva

Eliza Kurcevic

Our inspiring logo was created on a snowy peak in the streams of mountain air and the freedom to create. A woman fled to the mountains in pain and despair to find herself in the world. Rarely been in touch. But this relationship proved invaluable. Hearing from her friend Alla about the movement of #Narcofeminism, Sveta showed her idea of Narcofeminism in the logo – every woman is unique. And each of us feels content, if we accept ourselves in every way we are. Acceptance begins with the support of spiritually close people. For this, we are here.