Money Can Buy Health If You Budget For It by Eurasian Regional Consortium.

The Eurasian Regional Consortium brings together networks – Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM), and Eastern Europe & Central Asia Union of PLWH (ECUO) – with complimentary capacities to respond to the shared challenge of insufficient and unsustainable funding of HIV response for inadequately served populations (ISP) and people living with HIV (PLWH).

HIV epidemic in ECCA region remains the fastest growing in the world. New HIV infections in the region have increased by over 50% since 2010. People who inject drugs, sex workers, and gay men, disproportionately bear the burden of the epidemic and have low access to services. They also are rarely engaged in state budget monitoring and advocacy around services along the continuum of HIV care. The project will let the voices of key populations communities, advocating for sustainable HIV response and funding, be heard.

The goal of the project is to build the capacity of community-based organizations of key populations, foster exchange and partnership between different ISP groups in budget advocacy and HIV resource accountability, help them advocate for national and municipal budgets resources to be allocated to continuum of HIV care for all ISP in EECA. The tools and experience developed within this project will be applicable to the entire EECA region.

Project objectives:

  • Advocate for sufficient and sustainable funding of responses to HIV, which addresses the needs of ISP.
  • Build the capacity of regional networks and their members who represent PWUD, MSM, TG and PLWH and those who work in their interest in EECA in advocating for sustainable funding of responses to HIV, which addresses the needs of ISP.

Each network member organization will provide three small grants to local organizations in Armenia, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan. Therefore three country-based consortiums will be established.

Other activities include:

  • Regional training on human rights and gender sensitive budgeting;
  • Community monitoring of services availability and quality in order to develop community guide on budget advocacy and training for trainers on the most effective approaches and methods;
  • Regional ECOM meeting for sustainability of services and overcoming legal barriers;
  • Monitoring/technical assistance visits to project countries, scholarships for participation in various regional and international conferences, trainings and meetings.

Key achievements

Countries covered by project: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia incl. Armenia, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan. 

Project timeline: October 2017 – December 2018 

Overall budget: 345 710 USD

Project donor: Robert Carr Network Fund