#KazOST – save OST in Kazakhstan!

To everyone. Urgently. Our friends and partners in Kazakhstan need support!

Participants of substitution therapy, public organizations of Kazakhstan apply for support to keep methadone treatment in their country.

Credentials to decide the future of the program were handed over to the law enforcement agencies. As a result, at the beginning of 2018 new people were not taken into the program, scientific and statistical facts about the effectiveness of treatment were distorted and on June 27 a decision will be made – whether or not the OST will be in Kazakhstan.

 EHRA calls – let’s act together! Let’s defend access to a vital methadone treatment in Kazakhstan!

  1. By June 25 (incl.), please sign a joint statement to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Be sure to include the name of your organization and the country. Eliza Kurcevic (EHRA) will collect your confirmations of your support to E-mail eliza@harmreductioneurasia.org

Joint letter of support will be presented to journalists during the press-conference on June 26 in Kazakhstan.

  1. On June 26, come to the building of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in your country. Add photos near the embassy on your Facebook page, with the #KazOST, #EHRA, #SupportDontPunish hashtags.

 Show your support!