Let’s act together! Join EHRA to clarify an official position of the Ministry of Health regarding the harm reduction in Lithuania!

To everyone. Urgently.

NGO “Young Wave” (Lithuania) participated in the call for proposals for prevention projects, social information campaigns, scientific research projects, announced by the State Public Health Strengthening Fund. The application was aimed at raising awareness of the risks of the psychoactive substance use and harm reduction among festival and party goers, thereby encouraging the target group to make responsible decisions regarding the use of the psychoactive substances and health. What is more, application aimed to raise awareness about drug use, harm reduction among festivals and parties organizers and staff, as well to break the stereotypes about drug use in the society.

The application received 0 points, thus NGO “Young Wave” sent the request to justify the tender results and received response from the State Public Health Strengthening Fund under the Ministry of Health, regarding the harm reduction services promotion for non-injecting drug users in Lithuania.

EHRA expresses its deep concern about the position of the State Public Health Strengthening Fund and asks Minister Veryga to state whether this position coincides with the official position of the Ministry of Health.

If you want to hear the truth too – let’s act together!

By August 18, please sign a Joint Statement to the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. Be sure to include the name of your organization and the country. Eliza Kurcevic (EHRA) will collect your confirmations of your support to E-mail eliza@harmreductioneurasia.org.

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