Invitation to participate in the tender for printing services

Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (hereinafter EHRA) announces the tender for providers of printing services (preparation for printing and printing of information materials) for long-term cooperation in Lithuania.

As the result of this tender, EHRA will select several service providers for long-term contracts.

More information about organization and the specifics of it’s work can be found on the web-site

Type and object of the tender

EHRA needs high-quality printed materials for their use during various events, as well as in the daily work of our office.

Description of work:

– preparing materials for printing;

–  printing the required materials.

EHRA will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the participants to select the winners of the tender according to the following criteria: experience and cost of work. Participants with the highest number of points will be invited to sign long-term contracts with EHRA.

Mandatory requirements for tender participants:

– Working experience (at least 1 year, good business reputation in this sector of activity, as well as the necessary manpower and technical resources to fulfill obligations under the contract.)

– The company should be registered, located and operating in Lithuania.

– The possibility of producing materials on their own (the service provider is not entitled to transfer its obligations under the order to a third party without the written consent of EHRA).

– Possibility to promptly resolve issues of manufacturing and securing supplies of materials during the office hours of EHRA (9:00 – 18:00).

– Possibility to manufacture and deliver the materials under urgent orders. The time of manufacturing and delivery of materials under the urgent order should not exceed 4 working days.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the participants (maximum number of points for each requirement):

*the evaluation will be made according to the information provided and alternative sources of data available in open sources (the registration center, social networks, website, etc.)

** the evaluation coefficient will be calculated according to the formula: maximum number of points/cost

To participate in the tender participants must submit the following:

  • describe previous work experience in arbitrary form;
  • cost of services following the criteria above (in the table) in Euro.
  • a link to the web-site or portfolio of their products (10 examples minimum).

ATTENTION! If these materials are not submitted in full, the participant is not allowed to participate in the tender.

The deadline for submission of applications – 13:00, 10 September, 2018 (Vilnius time). Please send your documents to

Special conditions

Participants should ensure the cost of the work specified in the application for a period of no less than 14 months from the date of the tender.

Based on the results of the tender, the winners will be invited to sign long-term contracts with a fixed cost of their services per unit of measurement in euro (per production unit). Further work will be carried out according to EHRA requests, which will specify the time frame and other individual terms.

Submission of documents for participation in the tender does not impose on EHRA obligations to conclude a contract.