NPS: Moldova

In Moldova, NPS, which include synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones with characteristics similar to amphetamines (amphetamine-type stimulants), appeared much later than the first global sales of these substances through online retailers and physical stores in 2006.

Prepared report provides a general overview of use of NPS in the Republic of Moldova, trends in NPS use from 2016 to 2018, how NPS is distributed in Moldova, and information on Moldova’s response to harms associated with NPS use, at both the policy level and level of services provided. The report also describes the joint efforts of state authorities and non-governmental organizations to humanize national drug policies and adapt existing services to the changing needs of PWUD, especially in context to the appearance and spread of synthetic substances and NPSs.

Report “New Psychoactive Substance Use in Moldova and Belarus: Research Results from the Republic of Moldova”

Appendix 1 to the report (in Romanian)