We are looking for the expert to organize and facilitate EECA Regional Civil Society Consultation for the Next Global Fund Strategy


The Global Fund is currently preparing to host its 6th Partnership Forums, to be held virtually in 2021 and the first of such Forums, the one for Eastern Europe and Central Asia & Latin America and the Caribbean is already being planned for 9-11 February. While preparing for participation in this Forum, it is important to ensure that communities and civil society from the EECA region have the opportunity to discuss in advance and come up with concrete input on regional priorities to inform the development of the next Strategy.      

That is why, in a response to the request from the Global Fund CRG Department, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association in its capacity as a host of the EECA Regional Platform for Communication and Coordination would like to convene a Regional Consultation for Civil Society in EECA on the new Global Fund post-2022 Strategy.

For that purpose, EHRA is looking for the consultant to help EHRA with conceptualization of the Consultation, its organization and facilitation.

Aims of the Consultation

Aims of the planned Consultation are to 1) discuss collective priorities for the post-2022 Strategy, and 2) identify concrete recommendations/input to be included in the Strategy development process.    

To avoid duplication of the inputs recently collected by EHRA and provided to the Global Fund as a part of the Strategy’s Open Consultation process and also taking into account the Global Fund recommendations – the Consultation should be focused on the specific Strategy related topics requiring concentrated discussion and guidance (but may not be limited only to them):

  1. The Global Fund’s role in Global Health Security 
  2. The Global Fund’s future role in RSSH to achieve UHC 
  3. Strengthening partnerships to improve program effectiveness 
  4. Equity, human rights, and gender 

Community and civil society engagement and leadership in the response 

Key expected participants of the Consultation

  • EECA key population regional networks
  • Principle recipients of the Global Fund multi-country HIV and TB grants in EECA
  • Representatives of the NGOs involved into implementation of the Global fund grants in EECA as PRs, SRs and SSRs
  • Civil society activists interested in Global Fund processes

Tasks for the Consultant under this ToR 

EHRA is expecting the consultant under this ToR to:

  • develop the concept of the Regional Consultation and approach to its organization.
  • organize the processes of the Consultation in accordance with the developed concept and approach.
  • facilitate the major part of the Consultation to take place in a format of the online event;
  • Based of the results of the Consultation – to develop the report on the results of the Consultation. The report should be in English, not exceed 10 pages and include the recommendations, input or perspectives on the direction of the post-2022 Strategy.


The Consultation could be organized as a 2 – 3 stage process including the opportunity to provide input on the priority topics through the online survey, individual interviews with key civil society stakeholders and also through the online event with involvement of different stakeholders providing opportunity to discuss each of the priority topis altogether. But the consultant can suggest his/her own approach for EHRA consideration and approval.


The Consultation should be organized both in Russian and English to allow non-Russian speaking representatives of the EECA civil society to express their opinion on the Strategy related topics. EHRA has resources available to organize the translation during the Consultation.  


  • It is expected that during November the Consultation will be conceptualized and all the technical preparations will be organized.
  • The Consultation is planned to take place in early December 2020 (preliminary on the week 07 – 11) in the online format.
  • The report on the results of the consultation with relevant recommendations should be ready in English by 24.12.2020. to be provided to the Global Fund CRG Department.


 Payment for the work of the consultant under this ToR will be decided based on the results of the tendering process. The work under this ToR for the regional expert should not exceed 9 working days altogether (2 days to develop the concept of the Consultation; four days to organize the processes of the Consultation; 1 day to facilitate the Consultation; 2 days to develop report on its results). Payment will be done within 10 days after the acceptance by EHRA of the report on the results of the workshop and developed TA request.

The contract with the consultant will be signed for the period from 06 of November till 31 of December 2020.

 Requirements to the consultant

Submitted application will be evaluated by a selection committee at the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association. To assess the tender applications, the following criteria will be used (maximum amount of points for each criterion):

  • The experience of organization and facilitation of such kind of events in last three years (should be clear from CV and the Letter of Interest); (20 points maximum)
  • Good understanding of the current Global Fund Strategy, key policies and processes including those currently taking place with regard to the development of the new Global Fund Strategy post-2022 (should be clear from the Letter of Interest); (20 points maximum)
  • Good understanding of the Global Fund related context in EECA, good knowledge of key civil society stakeholders involved into GF processes in EECA (should be clear from the Letter of Interest); (10 points maximum)
  • Good communication skills; (10 points maximum)
  • Tolerant attitude towards representatives of key communities affected by HIV and TB; (10 points maximum)
  • Fluent written and spoken English and Russian (exclusive requirement for local expert); (10 points maximum)
  • Optimal daily rate (20 points maximum)

The maximum possible amount of points is 100. Based on the results of the tendering process EHRA could decide to sub-contract more than one consultant to complete the tasks within this ToR.

How to apply

 The candidates are invited to submit their CV, Letter of Interest and state the daily rate in USD (including the taxes) by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant to organize the Consultation for the Next Global Fund Strategy” to ivan@harmreductioneurasia.org by COB 05 of November 2020 24:00 EET.