Visiting EHRA: ENPUD’s Secretariat with internship in Vilnius

On August 7–9, 2019, an internship was held for the staff of the ENPUD’s Secretariat in the EHRA office.

The purpose of the internship was to build the structural work of the ENPUD’s Secretariat and to establish effective collaboration between the ENPUD’s and EHRA’s Secretariats. The internship was conducted by briefing participants on the internal processes and procedures of the EHRA as a financial agent of ENPUD, which affect the activities of ENPUD. In the future, the model of the EHRA’s work as a recognized leader in promoting ideas and mechanisms for harm reduction in the EECA region should become the basis for the activities of ENPUD in the framework of work with the community.

Here are just a few of the topics that we discussed and brought to the level of skills together with EHRA staff:

  • 7 basic principles of NGO financial management: consistency, accountability, transparency, sustainability, integrity, oversight, and accounting standards.
  • Grant funds: basic concepts, who gives, where they come from, how to spend them.
  • Procurement standard.
  • Principles of wage formation and wage regulation.
  • Organization of events: from a memo to the departure of participants.
  • Regulation on the ENPUD’s Secretariat and many other topics.

Tatyana Kochetkova, ENPUD Program Coordinator: “What are the two keywords I would describe an internship at EHRA?? Scrupulousness and Privilege… Meticulousness is a characteristic of how the EHRA’s material was prepared and provided. Each section, each topic is presented from below, from above, from the side, from the inside, and in perspective. Everywhere … The privilege is in getting everything we want now, the entire EHRA resource at our services, on request, any topic, like the possibility of ensuring the quality of our product when we gain organizational and financial independence … Thank you, colleagues! ”

Aidana Fedosik, portfolio project manager of the ENPUD: “The internship at EHRA was conducted in very warm atmosphere. It was very tight and informative, very professional, clear and concise. The internship is over, but our joint activities continue. It was very productive. Three days of mentoring without moralizing, feedback without criticism, and acceptance without connivance. As a result we take home the answers to hundreds and hundreds of our questions as well as clear outcomes of the internship. Ganna Dovbakh, Tanya Fomicheva, Harry Gordon, Olga Belyaeva, Vika Semionova, Irena Zubkova – you are great professionals! Someone will thank you for appreciation of our work. And I will say thank you for setting the bar high. Thank you, EHRA, for knowledge and patience, because it is not easy with us sometimes. We will definitely meet soon!”

The original of the news – Digest of the events of ENPUD’s Secretariat (in Russian).