EHRA is developing a Strategy for 2020-2024

At an in-person meeting in February 2019, the EHRA Steering Committee decided to develop an organization Strategy for 2020-2024 by the Steering Committee with the active participation of the Secretariat staff, the Advisory Board and EHRA members, as well as in consultation with regional and international partners.

In June 2019, Secretariat staff held an online consultation with EHRA members in order to evaluate the results of the implementation of the Organization’s Strategy 2018-2019 and to identify strategically important directions for the organization’s work for the coming years. The values, vision and key priorities were identified at the Steering Committee meeting on strategic planning in July 2019. In September-October 2019, the prepared draft strategy was discussed with experts of the EHRA Advisory Board, partners, and in October-November 2019 will be presented to EHRA members for comment online. The strategy will be finalized at a joint meeting of the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board in November 2019 and adopted by the EHRA General Meeting in May 2020.

Dear EHRA members! We kindly ask you to involve in the Strategy development and fill the Questionnaire on EHRA Strategy for 2020-2024. Please submit your comments till 6 November 2019.