EHRA new leadership! – EHRA Steering Committee and Advisory Board Annual Meeting

On 29-30 October, 2018 all 13 members of the Steering Committee (SC) and 3 Advisory Board (AB) members of EHRA, as well as the core staff of EHRA gathered for the annual meeting in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Newly elected Steering Committee members and invited international experts of the Advisory Board not only got a clear picture about EHRA governance structure, procedures and internal regulations, but also had an opportunity to make some crucial decisions for the organization during this meeting. The following key decisions were made:

  • based on presented results of 2017-2018 program activities of EHRA, the process of the Strategic Framework evaluation and Strategic planning in 2019 was agreed;
  • the organizational position on drug policy and key program activities of EHRA on drug policy were discussed;
  • Mari Chokheli was elected as the SC Chair, Yuliya Georgieva and Alexander Levin were elected as the SC Co-Chairs.

“Steering Committee meeting shows, that we have collected a huge knowledge, skills and expertise in the CEECA region, but at the same time we have to unite our sources for solving new challenges. And I strongly believe that EHRA’s team is able to make it happen”, – says Mari Chokheli, Chair of the Steering Committee, EHRA

“Meeting shows that ideas and work of the Secretariat team, the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board are based on the same values and led by targets to introduce non-repressive drug policy and access to harm reduction services. EHRA governance is now professionally very strong. We are full of activists’ passion to fulfill very ambitious organizational goals! It makes me happy!”, – shared her impressions Ganna Dovbakh, EHRA Executive Director.