Extended: EHRA is looking for a team for websites maintenance and support


Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is a non-for-profit public membership-based organisation, registered by the initiative of harm reduction activists and organisations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) in 2017.

Currently EHRA is hosting www.harmreductioneurasia.org, www.eecaplatform.org, www.chasevirus.org, www.drugeducationyouth.org internet portals as knowledge and networking tools for its members, donors and partners.

The portals provide access to resources, strategies and policies, case studies, information about events, tenders and opportunities to inform members, donors, consultants, researchers and other stakeholders in the fields of harm reduction, drug education and human rights at regional level.

This assignment is for a contractor to provide expert technical maintenance and support for websites and to develop and implement technical solutions that improve the user friendliness and ability to respond to its audience’s needs on an ongoing basis for one year from October 2020.

A team consisting of four full-time staff is managing web portals by updating the site with content, and ensuring the structures meet the audience needs. The contractor will provide maintenance and support services for websites (based on WordPress open source software) and also develop and implement new features. The services sought are indicated in these terms of reference. The contractor will be expected to be flexible and responsive to the web portals support services requested as well as provide innovative ideas and recommendations to ensure that the portals are considered to be user friendly.


Overall, the contractor is required to:

  • Ensure implementation, troubleshooting, and maintenance support for the existing websites; and to collaborate with the team, serve as a resource for problem analysis and solution.
  • Provide more effective development and design for the functionality of the websites.
  • Provide technical and creative expertise to create, manage, and update the websites.
  • Assure a reliable hosting environment and a stable functioning of the websites.
  • Backups – in case of a serious incident, the restoration of the website from the most recent backup needs to be assured.
  • Security – manage all aspects of website security to protect confidential member information and existing content (data, project information, contact details, etc.), and prevent hacks, defacing, etc.
  • Assure the WordPress Website Maintenance.
  • Install Software, module/Security patches and upgrades including bug fixes.
  • Install, upgrade or modify existing modules on sites.
  • Develop, update and maintain the sites.
  • Analyse the existing website functionalities.
  • Maintain ongoing development on existing sites and add new features where needed.
  • Manage, update and improve site navigation and information architecture.
  • Manage web design; enhancements to the sites’ look and feel on an ongoing basis.
  • Development, design and implementation of new specific features on the websites based on requests from the team. These will occur on demand;
  • Advise on alternative platforms to ensure maximum performance of the tools and content needed on specific website.

The assignment will be managed by the EHRA team. All options and recommendations for improving the website will be agreed through the team, which will directly collaborate with the contractor on different sections of the websites.


The contractor is required to have:

  • extensive knowledge and experience of website development and management by making use of innovative technologies and applications;
  • specific and in-depth expertise in the WordPress content management system;
  • experience with other platforms (Drupal, Joomla and other CMS platforms);
  • excellent communication skills and the capacity to be responsive to changing needs and requirements as communicated by EHRA team.

The service provider is expected to describe its understanding of the objectives of the project and the Scope of Work.

  • A clearly quantified proposal on the various benefits shall be outlined by the service provider as well as the cost implications which shall include the administration costs.
  • A capacity statement, stating the service provider’s capacity, qualifications and experience in delivering the abovementioned services;
  • Detailed description of work experience with traceable references (work examples with contacts for references);
  • Hourly rates (VAT inclusive)


All proposals must be submitted by e-mail referenced under title “IT TEAM” to Alina Storozhuk at alina@harmreductioneurasia.org by 9 October, 2020, 24:00 EET.


After the closing date of the bid invitation, an appointed evaluation committee of EHRA staff will evaluate the proposals of the bidders. The committee will individually evaluate each of the bid proposals received. The evaluation will be made based on:

  • Experience – maximum score 50 points
  • Price – maximum score 50 points

The contract will be awarded to 1 applicant with the highest score.


The following should be noted by interested parties:

  • Intellectual property and ownership of all products developed in the execution of the contract will be vested in EHRA and any and all service providers will sign those rights to EHRA.
  • Products may not be made available to any unauthorised person or institution or sold for profit without prior written consent from EHRA.
  • On completion or termination of the agreement, all products must be handed over to EHRA.
  • No information concerning the tender or award of the tender may be made available by the Bidder to other parties without prior consultation and written approval from EHRA.
  • The successful bidder will be required to be bound by confidentiality.

The time period for this assignment will be 1 year, starting from October 2020 with an option for renewal for another 6 months.


All enquiries related to the objectives and scope of this assignment should be directed to:

Alina Storozhuk
Eurasian Harm Reduction Association
Senior Communications and Campaign Officer
Tel: +37069256431
Email: alina@harmreductioneurasia.org