Analysis of the proportionality of the imposed fines for drug possession in the Kyrgyz Republic

The document is an analysis of the proportionality of fines for possession of narcotic drugs in the Kyrgyz Republic. On January 1, 2019, new codes and laws entered into power, which, inter alia, refer to drug-related crimes and increase fines.

Data analysis includes:

  • General statistics
  • The sizes of the minimum and average wages
  • Unemployment rate
  • Opportunity to receive social benefits and their size
  • Narcological register
  • Obstacles associated with criminal record and narcological register
  • Rehabilitation programs, cost and access to programs
  • The amount of fines for possession of narcotic drugs (under new legislation) and the actual amount of fines (judicial statistics). The number of detainees since the introduction of the law on changing the size of fines for possession of narcotic drugs.

The document also includes a number of regulatory documents.

The analysis can be used for advocacy at the national level to reduce penalties for possession of narcotic drugs for personal use and to depenalize drug possession without a distribution objective. The analysis is available in Russian.