In Slovenia, possessing a small amount of drugs for one’s own use and consumption is not considered a criminal offense. Average sentence for drug possession of larger amounts is around 10 years[1]. According to the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics SPACE I there are 1346[2] prisoners in Slovenia, 126 of them for drug-law offenses. There is no data on HIV prevalence in prisons. As for the drug use responses there are OST and ART, but no still NSP although before release from prison, prisoners are provided with information on overdose risk, and community treatment centres are contacted to ensure continuity of care[3]. According the SPACE I 2018 survey, the average amount spent per day for the detention of one inmate in Slovenian prisons is 80 Eur/per day, 29200 Eur/per year/per inmate.

It was estimated that the approximate number of high-risk opioids users in Slovenia is 4 853[4]. HIV prevalence among PWID is 1,3%[5]. Unfortunately, there is no available data on NSP and OST costs per client per year.  Minimum amount of unemployment benefit is 350 which is paid for three month, 1050 Eur/per person/per 3 month[6]. Due to lack of information about NSP and OST we can not compare the costs of incarceration and health and social services.


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