Drug use in Slovakia is not a crime but drug possession is. According to the law possession of maximum 3 usual doses for personal use can be fined by 3 years in prison, and 5 years for possession of 10 usual doses for personal use. More than 10 doses considered as manufacturing and dealing and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Average sentence for drug possession is around 7 years.[1]

According to the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics SPACE I there are 10028[2] prisoners in Slovakia, 1028 of them for drug-law offences. HIV prevalence in prisons is 0,3%[3]. As for the drug use responses in prison there are no OST or NSP services, ART exists and according to Slovak penitentiary institution HIV-infected prisoners are assessed by doctors at clinics of infectious deceases and based the current state of health are approved and given antiretroviral treatment. According the SPACE I 2018 survey, the average amount spent per day for the detention of one inmate in Slovak prisons is 43,7 Eur/per day, 15950,5 Eur/per year/per inmate.

It was estimated that the approximate number of high-risk opioids users in Slovakia is 4 888 (range 3 966 – 9 782) persons[4]. HIV prevalence among PWID is 0,1%[5]. In 2018, the costs[6] of NSP services was 138,4 Eur/per person/per year and OST – 1825 Eur/per person/per year (the price was calculated from the price list of The Centre for Treatment of Drug Dependencies in Bratislava, price of 1 dose of methadone and its administration – 5 Eur). The amount of the support in material need which is not limited in time, does not depend on working years and can be claimed by every person in productive age who does not have income equals 64,70 Eur (776,4 Eur/per person/per year)[7]. So, if the person would need OST, NSP and material support, it would cost for the state around 2739,8 Eur/per person/per year. The health and social services costs are almost 6 times smaller than incarceration costs.

Update. Support in maternal need 61,6 Eur per month[8],  739,2 Eur/per person/per year. So, if the person would need OST, NSP and material support, it would cost for the state around 2702,6 Eur/per person/per year.


[6] The costs of OST and NSP services were provided by national partners and service providers