Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the Prison Studies[1], in Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation and Republika Srpska, there are there was approximately 2 585 inmates in Bosnia prisons. Approximately 1/3[2] of all prisoner in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina serve their sentence for the drug law offences and according SPACE I 2018 survey, approximately 81 person[3] serves their sentence in prison for the drug law offences in the Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srbska). The average imprisonment term imposed by the courts for the drug law offences is up to 1 year[4]. HIV prevalence in Bosnia and Herzegovina prisons is very low. There is only 1 case registered[5]. Speaking about drug use responses in prison, it should be mentioned, that OST exists in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it doesn’t exists in Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina[6]. ART is available and NSP doesn’t exist in prison settings. According to the SPACE I 2018 survey, the average amount spent per day for the detention of one inmate in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska) prisons is 40,00 Eur/per day, which is 14 600,00 Eur./ per year/ per inmate.

Estimated number of people who inject drugs is 12500 (9 500-15 500)[7]. Prevalence of HIV among PWID- 0,3%[8]. The costs of NSP services are approximately 216,00 Eur. / per person/ per year (including needles, syringes, citric acid, pre-injection swab (4 a day), spoon with filter (1 a day) and sharps bin (one a week), as well outreach work is included in the NSP costs). OST price is approximately 360,00 Eur./ per person/ per year.[9] The minimum unemployment benefit is 170,00 Eur./ per person/ per month. It can be received only 6 months.  Which means, that the minimum unemployment benefit per 6 months is 1 020,00 Eur/ per person.

So, if the person would need OST, NSP and unemployment benefit, it would cost for the state around 1 596,00 Eur./ per person/ per year.

The health and social services costs are more than 9 times less than incarceration costs.


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[9] The information is estimated and provided by the national partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation (service providers organization)