The average sentence for drug possession in Azerbaijan is 5 years[1]. According to the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics SPACE I there are 23319[2] inmates in Azerbaijan prisons, 5570 of them for drug-law offences. HIV prevalence in prison is 2,8%.[3] As for the drug use responses in prison there ART, but OST and NSP services do not exist. The average amount spent per day for the detention of one inmate in Azerbaijan prisons is 6 Eur/per day[4], 2190 Eur/per inmate/per year.

The estimate number of people who inject drugs is around 71283[5]. HIV prevalence among PWID is 8,5%[6]. Although the NSP and OST services exist there is no data on the costs of these services per client/per year. Minimum possible unemployment is approximately 29 Eur/per month (348 Eur/per client/per year).[7]  


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