EXTENDED: Tender for consultancy to conduct mapping of budget advocacy effort and impact in EECA region for the past 3 years

the new deadline for submission is before 24:00 EET on February, 17, 2021

Within the regional analysis and dialogue “Taking stock of budget advocacy efforts to date in EECA region”, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) announces an open call for a consultant to conduct the mapping of budget advocacy activities and its impact on sustainability and funding of HIV services for key populations, for the past 3years in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

Objectives of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to map budget advocacy effort and projects funded by different international donors and its impact on sustainability and funding of HIV services for key populations, for the past 3 years in 8 EECA countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine).

The mapping will include:

  • analysis of scope, funding and geography of budget advocacy projects implemented in the region;
  • defining roles of different civil society organisations, community groups, patients’ organisations, transperancy and open budget partners, parliament members and other officials;
  • identifying different components of budget advocacy implemented in countries;
  • documenting results that have been achieved, how they were measured and how they were compared to the initially set goals and targets;
  • analysis of what budget advocacy interventions have been most successful in leading to the documented outcomes;
  • analysis of factors such as specific advocacy approaches, partnerships, processes of health reforms or introduction of e-governance, transparent procurement, etc., which led to results in budget advocacy and ensured transition of HIV response services for key populations to domestic funding.

Focus of the mapping should be made on the efforts and projects dedicated to advocacy for sustainable funding of specific HIV prevention, testing and treatment services for such key affected populations as people using drugs, sex workers, men having sex with men, trans* people, people living with HIV and inmates.

The outcome dimensions of the projects and effort need to be taken into account while mapping:

  • budget related outcomes: specific budget approved, released or allocated;
  • outcomes for health finance systems, mechanisms of procurement and funding of services;
  • impact on capacity of CSOs in budget negotiation skills, shifting focus on the budget advocacy.

For the regional analysis the data from already published national reports and project reports could be used. The recently published report on the results of budget advocacy in Kyrgyzstan in the period from 2016-2019 could be a good example of such documents.

Tasks of the consultant:

  1. To develop the outline of the mapping and questioner for semi structured interviews with informants. EHRA will provide list of the key informants which could be extended by the consultant.
  2. To collect and analyze available publications and other secondary data.
  3. To conduct up to 20 interviews with key informants.
  4. To draft the mapping report which includes 8 country case studies and regional overview.
  5. To present report for discussion during the expert group meeting in April 2021.
  6. To finalize the report based on expert group recommendations.

Expected results of the consultancy:

  • Report on mapping of budget advocacy efforts and analysis of outcomes in EECA region in the past 3 years. Report should include 8 country case studies/mapping results analysis and regional overview;
  • Suggested recommendations for donors on priorities for investments in budget advocacy of services for key populations in EECA based on mapping and new economic and public health challenges impacting budget advocacy efforts in EECA region.

Knowledge of spoken Russian and English for conduction of interviews with budget advocacy projects implementors across the region is essential. The mapping developed within the consultancy can be submitted to EHRA in Russian or English (per consultant’s preference).

Find more information about project, objectives, timeline and evaluation criteria HERE

How to apply

Applicants must submit their CV, application (letter of interest) and relevant materials with experience proof in free form to anna@harmreductioneurasia.org, the subject of the letter is “EECA budget advocacy mapping”, the deadline for submission is before 24:00 EET on February, 17, 2021. The CV and application should clearly reflect the competency of the candidate necessary to complete this task, as well as include the proposed number of working days for each stage, cost and timing of their implementation and confirmation of fluency in Russian and English to implement the task.