Extended: EHRA is seeking a Consultant to develop organizational Communication Strategy

Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is seeking a consultant to provide support in the development and operationalization of an organizational Communication Strategy.


Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is a non-for-profit public membership-based dynamic organization since 2017, operating in 29 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA). EHRA mission is the creation in CEECA region of favorable environment for sustainable harm reduction programs and decent lives of people who use psychoactive substances. EHRA’s Secretariat is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

EHRA carry out its operational project-based activity in accordance with the current strategic framework 2018-2019, which includes 4 strategic objectives:

  1. To ensure sustainability and efficiency of harm reduction services in the CEECA region.
  2. To advocate for non-punitive drug policies in the CEECA region based on public health and human rights.
  3. To develop leadership and expertise of civil society and people who use drugs in the monitoring of drug policies, financing, access and quality of harm reduction services in the CEECA region.
  4. To strengthen organizational governance and operational systems, program efficiency and financial sustainability of EHRA.

EHRA, as a regional organization provides advocacy, technical and informational support, conducts a broad range of activities to foster knowledge, skills and information exchange, and supports expertise development among EHRA members, harm reduction specialists, CSOs and CBOs activists, and people who use psychoactive substances. EHRA also develops, coordinates, and provides technical support for the implementation of advocacy campaigns, such as “Chase the Virus. Not People!”. EHRA documents harm reduction successes and the negative consequences of discontinuing or denying harm reduction approaches. It analyzes and disseminates best practices and develops methodological support for programs that help preserve the health and rights of PWUD.

EHRA is currently in the process of developing its new 5-years strategy 2020-2024 which will highlight a renewed set of ambitious strategic goals. The new and efficient approach to communication with external audiences is required to focus EHRA efforts around reshaped mission and objectives of EHRA.

Purpose and objectives

Develop a Communication Strategy, including organizational approach to communication and workplan 2020-2021, taking into consideration existing communication and advocacy practices, internal and external audience and availability of human and financial resources in EHRA.

Deliverables and outputs

  • Conduct a review of EHRA communication channels and products in order to analyze the existing practices and ways of communication.
  • Prepare and facilitate a 2-working-days face-to-face meeting with EHRA secretariat team between 16th and 18th December 2019, in Vilnius, Lithuania in order to analyze the existing practices, challenges and channels of communication, information and advocacy; to define key messages, audience, communication needs and objectives.
  • Conduct up to 10 online interviews with EHRA Steering Committee, members and partners to clarify communication needs and objectives.
  • Produce a report with learnings from the meeting / interviews / research and actions needed to enhance in EHRA communication strategy for next 5 years period.
  • Facilitate team in development of the a 5-year Communication Strategy with key messages, specific objectives, clear deliverables, target audiences and ways to reach them, media to be used and responsibilities. Prepare draft document in usable format.
  • To prepare and facilitate a 1-2-day face-to-face meeting with EHRA secretariat between 17th and 21st February 2020, in Vilnius, Lithuania to develop 2-year action plan and ways to implement the strategy by EHRA team.


We estimate that this work takes approximately 12 days over four months.

  1. Face-to-face meeting with EHRA secretariat in December 2019 (17th December 2019).
  2. Online interviews with EHRA Governance, members and partners (November-December 2019).
  3. Report with learnings and actions needed (mid-January 2020).
  4. First draft of Communication strategy submitted for review by EHRA (early-February 2020).
  5. Face-to-face meeting with EHRA secretariat in February 2020 (21st February 2020).
  6. Revision of first draft and submission of final draft of Communication strategy and 2-year action plan (end February 2020).

Experience and skills requirements

To assess submitted applications, the following criteria will be used (the maximum possible amount of points is 100):

  • Proven track record of experience of development and delivery of creative and effective organizational communication (internal and external). Experience in development of communication strategy is an asset (25 points).
  • Ability to turn complex language into appropriate messaging for a diverse audience and have experience delivering communications using a variety of channels aiming at different target groups (25 points).
  • Oral, written and spoken fluency in English, Russian is an asset (10 points).
  • Experience in facilitation of group work in multicultural and multilanguage team (10 points).
  • Understanding of harm reduction, drug policy, HIV response and/or civil society involvement into advocacy and capacity building in social and public health issues (10 points).
  • Reasonable cost of services (20 points).

How to apply

To respond to this TOR, please submit your CV, Letter of Interest and filled daily rate form (see here: EHRA’s template) by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant for Communication” to julia@harmreductioneurasia.org by 24:00 EET, 30th November 2019.

Letter of Interest should clearly reflect the competencies of the candidate required to complete this task and include:

  • A sample of previous work, relevant to this consultancy.
  • An operation plan proposing how the work will be done and how the objectives above will be met (max 4 pages). This will be subject to review and negotiation.
  • Details/expertise of your institutional affiliation if applicable.
  • An all-inclusive financial proposal for the work, including daily rate in this template (in euro or US dollars).
  • Details of two references.

General Conditions

All financial bids should be inclusive of all costs related to the work; no advance will be paid for the work.

No other field travel, except 2 meetings in Vilnius, Lithuania (1st in December 2019 and 2nd in February 2020) will be required for this assignment. For these travels, EHRA will cover economy class flight tickets and accommodation expenses during the events. Arrival at the event is possible no earlier than on the eve of the event, departure no later than the day after the end of the event.

EHRA will sign a contract with the winner of the competition where methodology, detailed workplan and payment conditions will be determined.

The winner of the competition is obliged to provide the confirmation of his daily rates before signing the contract. EHRA reserves the right to negotiate services cost for working days if it is not confirmed by previous records or is not affordable for EHRA.

EHRA reserves the right (but is not under obligation to do so) to enter into discussion with one or more bidders in order to obtain clarifications or additional details or negotiate the proposed cost.

EHRA reserves the right to negotiate number of working days related to each stage of work with the consultant. Final number of working days can change during implementation by mutual agreement between EHRA and consultant.

All enquiries related to the objectives and scope of this assignment should be directed to Yuliia Holub julia@harmreductioneurasia.org.

Selection process and awarding of contract will be done in December 2019.