Need help in dismissing arrested human rights defender Andriy Yarovyi!


In the basement, with no medicine and clothes. What for? He had  substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) drugs — buprenorphine in his pocket. It is the same as to imprison in the basement for carrying insulin after taking the insulin away.

Andriy is our friend, leader, smart and brave person, is in need for our help.

Andriy Mykhaylovych Yarovyi,  b. 06/11/1967, a citizen of Ukraine, since 27 August 2018 has been kept prisoner in the city of Luhansk on suspicion of drug smuggling. His alleged smuggling involved officially registered in Ukraine substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) drugs — buprenorphine hydrochloride, a 10-day stock of which he had legally received at Kyiv City Narcologic Hospital “Sociotherapy”. 

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