Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) side event: Let’s talk about drugs – substance education among the youth

On 14th March, members of the LET ME project participated in the Commisson on Narcotic Drugs (CND) side event: Let’s talk about drugs – substance education among the youth. Event was organized by the Youth Organizations for Drug Action in Europe (YODA) and the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), with support of project partners – NGO Re Generation, SMART Foundation, Presumptive Cultural- and Youth Organisation.

The most important needs in the drug education nowadays, is the necessity of new preventive programs and harm reduction actions, to make the youth work communication and messaging more attractive and more effective for young people. This is why in the beginning of 2020, Consortium of youth organizations working in the harm reduction field and youth organizations working with young people, but not focusing on drugs topic started implementation of project “LEt’s Talk about drugs – new MEthods of communication with youth” in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland and Serbia. The aim of the project was to support youth workers, peer educators, street workers, harm reduction specialists with the innovative approaches and methods on how to communicate with young people about drugs.

The aim of this side event was to explore work methods and perspectives of youth workers and peer educators in the education on the substance use, particularly among the youth. What is more, speakers of the side shared what they learned through the project, and which approaches they will/ are using in the work with young people.

Materials and presentations:

Theatre and drug education

Peer-to-Peer Work as an Effective Approach in Drug Education

The power of the podcasts

Bridging the gap between decision makers and youth NGOs on the European level