EXTENDED: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Grants for community organizations to conduct CLM on OST


RFP Number EHRA-0209
RFP Title Call for community organizations to conduct CLM on OST
RFP Closing Date and time: 24:00 EET on April 10, 2022
Proposal Submission Address: info@harmreductioneurasia.org



Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is a not-for-profit public membership-based organization uniting harm reduction activists and organisations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) with its mission to actively unite and support communities and civil societies to ensure the rights and freedoms, health, and well-being of people who use psychoactive substances in the CEECA region.

EHRA produces up to 20 different publications per year, based on collected information or conducted meetings.

This call for proposals is organized within the  “Moving Together Towards Quality and Equality: Improved Sustainable Services for ISPs in EECA” project of the Eurasian Regional Consortium financed by the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCF).

The Eurasian Regional Consortium joins the efforts of Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity (ECOM), Eurasian Women’s AIDS Network (EWNA), Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) and movement that unites teenagers from the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia TEENERGIZER to effectively address the lack of financial sustainability in prevention, treatment, care and support programs for the key populations vulnerable in terms of their rights violation and the risk of HIV.


EHRA invites community-led groups interested in conducting the study on client satisfaction with opioid maintenance treatment based on EHRA’s methodology and in cooperation with professional researchers to submit their project proposals.

Community-led monitoring has a critical role in identifying and effectively addressing issues and bottlenecks in reaching, connecting and retaining people along the prevention and treatment continuums and improving the quality of care. Information gathered within the monitoring can be leveraged by users/communities to help understand, explain, justify and specify within their advocacy the changes that have to be made. The proposed methodology will help assess the quality of services, clients’ perception of OST program and their quality of life.


Scope of work

ONE successful candidate will receive 10000 USD on research-related activities. The selected candidate will:

  • Work closely with researchers on methodology adaptation to the country context
  • Recruit interviewers and study participants
  • Participate in data analysis and development of the report and recommendations
  • Present the research to the relevant stakeholders

Implementation period: Till November 30, 2022

 Eligibility criteria:

  • Officially registered community-based organization working in drug policy and harm reduction
  • Initiative group working in drug policy and harm reduction that has financial agent registered in one of the project countries
  • Civil society organization working closely and in the interests of the community of people who use drugs

Selection criteria:

Submitted applications will be evaluated by the evaluation panel of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association.

Сriteria: Points
Problem statement and understanding the situation with opioid maintenance treatment in country/city 50
Experience in community-led research or monitoring 40
The group/organization is delegated by, accountable to and/or led by the community of people who use drugs (10 points) 10
 Maximum possible number of points 100

This announcement shall not be construed as a contract or a commitment of any kind. This request for proposals in no way obligates EHRA to award a contract, nor does it commit EHRA to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the proposals.

How to apply

To be eligible as an EHRA consultant, any organization or individual must comply with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association Code of Ethics which you can find at the following link: https://harmreductioneurasia.org/ehra-code-of-ethics/


Applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Organizational registration document
  3. Memorandum of cooperation (in case of working through a financial agent)

Please submit your proposal to the info@harmreductioneurasia.org. In the subject line of your e-mail please indicate the RFP number (EHRA-02-09) and your name.  Otherwise, the application will not be considered.

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