Alyona Asaeva has passed away: ENPUD’s statement in solidarity and sadness


Friends! Colleagues!

Grief overtook us all. Suddenly! The pain and the inability to believe what has happened, plunges us into a deep shock. We are confused in the face of this terrible news. The loss is irreplaceable for many of us!

Today, under the accidental tragic circumstances, Alyona Asayeva has passed away. She died while on her business trip at the International Harm Reduction Conference, in Portugal, Porto, May 2, 2019.

Alyona (Alla Vladimirovna) Asayeva was the Founder of ENPUD. The permanent member of the Network’s Secretariat. She was one of the main ideological leaders from the very beginning of the Network founding.

Alyona gave all her heart to serve ENPUD up to the hilt. ENPUD was her family, soul, inspiration, burning heart and fight for the idea! Alyona gave the Network and people for whom she did work of her life all her strength, money, time, energy from A to Z!!! She was an applicant in cases against repressive drug policies, including decriminalization of drug possession, the case for access to substitution therapy in Russia, the case of the termination of the vicious system of the drug using’ register. We will continue these cases in memory of Alyona. And today we say that all our victories, all victories of ENPUD, we will always share with you from now on, Alyona!

Alyona’s mother left alone at her home in Orsk (the Russian Federation), she was the only daughter. Tana, her beloved dog, is waiting for her in the hotel for pets.

Our dear Alyona, thank you for your service, for your friendship, for your work, for your burning! For your Love that you passed through your generous, big, burning heart! You are in our hearts, our thoughts, our words and our conquests – you are here with us.

A fundraising is organized for everyone who is willing and having the opportunity to say goodbye to Alyona in such way. All bank account details are below.

We will inform you about the time and place of parting with our friend, Alla Asaeva.

ENPUD Secretariat

May 2, 2019


Bank details to help Alyona’s mom

Euro account:   Povolzhsky bank PAO SBERBANK, Office №6991/0634

account 4081 7978 9544 0032 7151

Bank identification code 043601607

Cor account 30101810200000000607


Bank-correspondent address: Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Bank: Deutsche Bank AG


Account no: 10094987261000

HOLDER: Kochetkova Tatiana Vladimirovna

USD account:

Povolzhsky bank PAO SBERBANK, Office №6991/0634

account 4081 7840 9544 0017 6304

Bank identification code 043601607

Cor account 30101810200000000607


Bank-correspondent address: New York, NY, USA

Bank: The Bank of New York Mellon


Account no: 8900057610

HOLDER: Kochetkova Tatiana Vladimirovna