Executive Director

Appointed and supervised by Steering Committee the Executive Director coordinates work of the Secretariat, which organizes and carries out operational activities of EHRA. The Executive Director fulfils the following functions:

  • leads the work of the Secretariat to implement the Association strategic plan;
  • ensures achievement of goals and purposes set forth in EHRA Strategy and Statute;
  • individually signs contracts, disposes of the assets, and represents the Association in the firms, companies, organizations and other institutions, and at courts for the sake of and on behalf of the Association. For submissions of applications for funding with a value of more than €1,000,000 (one million) Euro, the Executive Director shall obtain the consent of the Steering Committee;
  • hires and dismisses the employees of the Secretariat and sets their wages;
  • organizes the implementation of the resolutions from the general meetings and Steering Committee meetings;
  • represents EHRA in its affairs with the state authorities, organizations and individuals both in Lithuania and abroad;
  • performs any other duties related to the day-to-day management of EHRA affairs or assigned to him/her by the Steering Committee.

The Executive Director is appointed by the Steering Committee from the candidates proposed by the members of the Steering Committee or through the procedure of public tender. In August 2017 Anna Dovbakh was appointed by Steering Committee as Executive Director of EHRA till December 2018.

Anna Dovbakh, MA in social psychology, MA in culture studies, has been leading different civil society organisations in EECA region for the past several years. She worked for International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine on top management positions and as an Acting Executive Director in EHRN. Except management capacities, Anna has extensive knowledge in the area of publications development, provision of technical support and knowledge management. Anna’s key qualifications include team building, community support and development, monitoring and evaluation, HIV response planning for vulnerable groups, technical support, social and psychological training, communication and documentation, as well as qualitative research.

Contact e-mail: anna@harmreductioneurasia.org.