EHRA announces the General Meeting and Regional Meetings in Russia and South-Eastern Europe regions

On May 21 – June 4, 2018 Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) conducts the General Meeting of its members. During the fortnight, members of EHRA will have online-voting for six main issues:

  1. Approval of EHRA financial report for 2017 year;
  2. Approval of Regulations of the General and Regional members’ meetings of EHRA;
  3. Approval of Regulations of the Steering Committee of EHRA;
  4. Approval to prolong terms for 2 more months for 5 members of the Steering Committee and shorten term of 2 months for 1 member;
  5. Approval of the timeline of the Regional meetings to elect Steering Committee members;
  6. Approval of EHRA Advisory Board.

All members approved by EHRA Steering Committee may participate in the General Meeting. At the moment, there are 205 members. The full list of members is available on the EHRA website –

Members from the regions of Russia and South-Eastern Europe will also vote for the Steering Committee members to represent their region. Please, find information about the candidates to the Steering Committee to represent Russia and South-Eastern Europe here:

Details on the voting procedure and participation can be clarified by contacting Eliza Kurcevic via e-mail: