Apply for additional scholarships for AIDS2018

Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) is the only region in the world where HIV epidemic continues to grow. The XXII International AIDS Conference, which takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands pays special attention to EECA region. This provides a good opportunity to draw attention of international community to key challenges that limit access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services in EECA region.

The voice of communities and civil society must be heard loudly. Therefore, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association, together with AFEW International, are doing everything possible to increase the participation of communities and civil society at AIDS2018. We have mobilized financial resources to award scholarships for up to 10 community and civil society representatives to cover their conference related costs.

Inclusion criteria for scholarship award

The applicant must:

  • belong to community / civil society from EECA region;
  • have a profile on the conference website:;
  • have a confirmation from the International AIDS Society (IAS) about submitted thesis(s) via website whether thesis accepted as an oral presentation, for poster session or rejected);
  • have a response from the IAS Scholarship Committee about status of the scholarship (rejected or partially supported).

Thematic priorities:

  • Advocacy for changing repressive, discriminatory and criminalizing laws, and law enforcement practices, as well as challenge stigma against key populations and PLHIV in EECA region.
  • Advocacy for meaningful participation of communities in planning, implementation and monitoring of HIV programs at national or local level.
  • Advocacy for ensuring financial sustainability of harm reduction programs, as well as other evidence-based programs for key populations.


  • deadline for submission – May 14 (next Monday)
  • results of the competition – May 15 (Tuesday)

Such a tight deadline is because May 17 is the last day when conference registration fee is available at reduced price. We want to complete the process by this date to allow more people get supported.

Selection criteria:

  • The content of thesis covers one or more thematic priorities;
  • Presented practice has an obvious and tangible impact on HIV programs at national or local level;
  • Presented practice efficient, sustainable and can be replicated in other countries

The following information will be considered when deciding on the scholarship awards:

  • Key populations (PWUD, MSM, LGBTI, SW, PLHIV);
  • Thesis approved as a poster or oral presentation;
  • Partial scholarship awarded;
  • EHRA membership;
  • Applicant participated in the abstracts mentorship program organized by EHRA/AFEW/Amsterdam Youth Force.

Complete an online form to apply for a full or partial scholarship, which may cover conference fee, flights and accommodation related to AIDS2018.

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